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Solar Safety


With a little over a year in the making, the Solar Awareness Class introduces Firefighters to the world of Solar Power. Walking through several different types of Solar Power systems in our powerpoint, to proper shut down sequences and questions on our walkthrough demo, and finishing off with a fully interactive trailer where Firefighters can get a hands on experience of what they will encounter in the field.

Our class walks through how each system is connected and how to safely disconnect the power. Each system is color coded and labeled, giving first responders a clear vision of what to do.

Some wires on certain Solar systems do not shut off. Our class helps first responders recognize these wires and other dangers they may come in contact with.

The Solar trailer can be pulled into any station's bay. The trailer not only runs on Solar power, but can also be plugged in. The sun is not necessary to have the class, making it the ideal mobil class room.

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