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We offer training on Electrical Safety and Awareness. Raising awareness to save lives.

We train on the Faraday Cage, Arch Flash, Arch Blast, and Down Power Lines.




We believe in an interactive class room where you can laugh and learn at the same time. We create situations where the class needs to be involved. Taking a volunteers, putting them in scenarios, asking the class how THEY would respond, and helping them reach the safest course of action. We can't answer all questions (we won't be able to see EVERY condition in a given scenario), but we help them keep aware of their surroundings.


Not a shy class. The more they interact with us, the more we all learn!

This class is a 70E eight hour class we have cut down to three hours. Which means you're only getting "the tip of the ice berg". During the course of the class we will discus four main components:

The "Faraday Cage"

Arch Flash

Arch Blast

Down Power Lines


We cover a few scenarios, including, car crashes involving power poles, drug houses, people stealing electricity, and what to look for when entering a scene.

Our powerpoint mostly consists of videos that help make things more clear. We aren't here to read a bunch of powerpoint slides. It's not our style. We show a few informative videos on what we like to call "Electrical 101". Just some simple basics on electricity. Our other videos are of unfortunate accidents that help us show how to avoid such things in the future. Like we always say, "Raising awareness to help save lives."


We hope to make all people aware of as many electrical hazards as possible. The more we are aware of, the more lives we can save!

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